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Business and Marketing

Welcome to the Business and Marketing program at WMOU. In this ever-changing and vibrant field, we empower students with the knowledge and skills to navigate the exciting intersection of business strategy and effective marketing techniques.

Our comprehensive curriculum combines fundamental business principles with a deep understanding of the intricacies of marketing strategies, equipping graduates with the tools to drive brand success, engage target audiences, and achieve organizational growth.

Whether you  dream of a career as a savvy marketer, a strategic brand manager, or an innovative entrepreneur, our Business and Marketing department is here to equip you with a strong foundation and real-world experiences to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of business and marketing. 

You will dive into consumer behavior, market research, brand management, digital marketing, and more. Through  immersive learning experiences, you’ll develop a holistic understanding of the connection  between marketing strategies and business success.

Our program delves into two key components: strategic business management and marketing. 

Business management involves creating and implementing effective strategies that cover various aspects such as organizational structure, decision-making processes, and resource allocation. 

On the other hand, marketing focuses on evaluating data, assessing market opportunities, and making informed marketing decisions. It’s all about understanding your target audience, identifying trends, and staying ahead of the competition.

Throughout our program, you’ll explore these interconnected aspects, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how  management and marketing  go hand in hand. 

Here’s what you can expect from our Business and Marketing program:

  • Develop a strong foundation in key business principles, including financial management, accounting, and economic analysis. This will provide you with a well-rounded understanding of how different aspects of business complement each other.
  • Deepen your understanding of strategic marketing management and market analysis. You'll learn how to align marketing strategies with business objectives and gain insights into consumer behavior and market trends.
  • Specialize in areas such as branding, digital marketing, or market research through a selection of advanced elective courses. We believe in allowing you to explore the areas that interest you the most.

Course Curriculum

Our Business and Marketing program offers a comprehensive curriculum covering essential topics and ensuring a well-rounded field understanding. Students will explore consumer behavior, market research, brand management, digital marketing, and strategic marketing. Upon graduation, our students are well-prepared to pursue various exciting career opportunities. They can excel as marketing managers, brand strategists, social media specialists, advertising executives, or digital marketing consultants. Additionally, our program instills a strong entrepreneurial mindset, empowering students to create successful ventures in the vibrant world of business and marketing.

Course Summary

Bachelor Of Science in Business and Marketing

Study Level
Bsc. Business and Marketing

Study Duration
4 years minimum


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Business and marketing

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100 Level

     First Semester Units
     ACC 101 – Introduction to Financial Accounting I 3
     GST 101 – Use of English and Communication Skills 2
     BUA 101 – Introduction to Business I 2
     ECO 101 – Principles of Economics I 3
     COS 101 – Introduction to Computers 2
     GST 109 – Use of Library and ICT Skills 2
     AMS 101 – Basic Mathematics 2
     Second Semester Units
    BUA 102 – Introduction to Business II 2
    ECO 102 – Principles of Economics II 3
    GST 102 – Nigerian People and Culture 2
    ACC 102 – Introduction to Financial Accounting II 3
    AMS 104 – Principles of Project Management 2
    AMS 102 – Principles of Management 2
    EMT 103 – Business Ethics 3

200 Level

     First Semester Units
     GST 201 –  Philosophy, Logic, and Human Existence 2
    MKT 203 – Introduction to Marketing Psychology 2
    MKT 211 –  Principles of Marketing Management 2
    MKT 213 –  Entrepreneurial Marketing  2
    MKT 221 – Service and Social Marketing 2
    ENT 211 – Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2
    FIN 205 – Corporate finance 3
    BBA 104 – Business Law I 2
     Second Semester Units
     MKT 212 – Business to Business Marketing 2
     MKT 220 – Food & Agricultural Marketing 3
     MKT 222 – Retail & Wholesale Management 2
     MKT 224 – Online Public Relations & Reputation Management 3
     FIN 202 – International Finance 2
     BBA 205 – Business Law II 2
     MKT 218 – International Marketing 3

300 Level

     First Semester Units
     MKT 303 – Legal Aspects of Marketing  3
     MKT 311 – Digital Marketing Management 3
     MKT 313 – Marketing Practicum 2
     MKT 321 – Strategic Marketing  2
     MKT 329 – Marketing and Social Media 2
     MKT 323 – Marketing Operations Management 2
     MKT 327 – Marketing Ethics 2
     Second Semester Units
     MKT 304 – Marketing Theory  2
     GST 312 – Peace and Conflict Resolution 2
     MKT 312 – Logistics & Distribution Management 2
     MKT 322 – Consumer Behavior 3
     ENT 312 – Venture Creation 2
     MKT 324 – Marketing Research and Analytics 3
     MKT326 – Sales Management 2

400 Level

     First Semester Units
     MKT 411 – Analysis of Marketing Decisions 2
     MKT 413 – New Product Development & Management 3
     MKT 421 – Political Marketing 3
     MKT 423 – Global Marketing  3
     MKT 425 – Integrated Marketing Communications 3
     BUA 401 – Business Policy and Strategy 3
     Second Semester Units
     MKT 412 – Contemporary Issues in Marketing Practice 2
     MKT 416 – Marketing Persuasions 2
     MKT 422 – Energy Marketing  2
     MKT 424 – Research Project 6
     MKT 426 – Business Communication 3
Admission Requirements

Entry requirements for BSc. in Business and Marketing

Here’s what you need to study for a bachelor’s programme at West Midlands Open University

A copy of your O- or A-level result.

In no more than two sittings, the outcome must comprise a minimum of five credits in each of the following subjects:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Two further subjects connected to social science

Please note that submission of Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) results is NOT MANDATORY. at this stage. However, upon admission to the university, the provided results will be thoroughly verified for authenticity and compliance with the stated criteria.


Available Opportunities for Business and Marketing Holders
A bachelor's degree in Business and Marketing can open up a wide range of exciting career opportunities.
Here are some career options for you to consider:
  • Marketing Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Market Researcher
  • Financial Analyst


Payment Plans

West Midlands Open University offers a flexible payment plan for its degree programmes.
You may choose to pay the year’s fee up front or in two installments.

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Pay in two installments.
An initial deposit of ₦150,000 and a second payment of ₦100,000.
No hidden charges. No additional costs.




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