Adjunct Faculty


Influence the future and boost your income by sharing your valuable practical knowledge in the classroom.

West Midlands Open University is licensed by the
National Universities Commission

About the Role

At Westmidlands Open University our Adjunct faculty members serve as mentors, guiding students through the complexities of their disciplines while imparting practical skills and knowledge. They foster an environment of engagement, curiosity, and critical thinking. By doing so, they play an essential role in shaping not just what our students learn, but how they approach and adapt to the challenges of today’s ever-evolving world.

Why become an Adjunct Faculty Member?

Becoming an adjunct faculty member at Westmidlands Open University provides a unique opportunity to have a positive impact on students, helping them grow personally and professionally. It allows you to stay engaged with your field of expertise, keeping your knowledge up-to-date and relevant. The flexibility in teaching schedules accommodates your other commitments, ensuring a balanced work-life approach.
In essence, choosing to be an adjunct faculty member offers a multifaceted journey of personal and professional development while making a meaningful contribution to the field of education.


Student Mentorship: Guide and support students in their academic and professional growth, offering insights and assistance as needed.

Student Consultations: Maintain regular office hours for individual student meetings, providing academic support and guidance.

Instruction: Conduct informative teaching sessions and actively involve students in the learning process.

Educational Material Enhancement: Contribute to the improvement and development of course materials, including syllabi and assessments, to enrich the learning experience.

Promote Student Engagement: Encourage and facilitate active participation and involvement among students.

Feedback Provision: Offer valuable and constructive feedback to students, aiding in their academic progress and development.

Educational Facilitation: Deliver lectures, manage office hours, and offer instructional assistance during classes.

Continuous Professional Growth: Engage in ongoing personal and professional development to stay updated with educational trends and teaching methodologies, ensuring the delivery of high-quality education.


Possess a master’s degree or equivalent terminal degree in fields such as Computer Science, Business Management, Economics, Accounting, Public Policy, and Administration.

Demonstrate a track record of effective teaching, with the ability to simplify intricate topics for students.

Have substantial lecturing experience relevant to the subject matter.

Stay updated on the latest developments in their field and remain current with evolving teaching methods

Exhibit flexibility and adaptability to cater to diverse schedules and meet the unique needs of students.

Show a strong commitment to the institution’s mission and the success of its students.

Possess collaborative skills to work harmoniously with colleagues and actively contribute to the academic community.

Licensed by NUC

West Midland Open University is licensed by the National Universities Commission.

The NUC is a University governing body in Nigeria.

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