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BSc. Business Administration

Business Administration and Management

Welcome to WMOU’s Business Administration and Management. 

Our courses are designed to empower students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel as leaders and managers in today’s dynamic business landscape.


If you aspire to a rewarding career in the business, any of our  Business Administration and Management courses will be a valuable asset to your journey. Whether you’re drawn to marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, human resources, or any other facet of business, our departments offer the comprehensive education, guidance, and resources you need to excel.

Business administration and management disciplines cover a wide range of subjects, including Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources. Through our comprehensive courses, students gain theoretical knowledge and vital practical skills in problem-solving, decision-making, and fostering collaborative teamwork. 

By participating in this program, students can sharpen their abilities in these areas, equipping them to navigate the dynamic challenges that await them in the business world.

  • Business Administration and Management majors undergo a comprehensive year of foundational coursework, taking courses such as Principles of Business Administration and introductory courses in their specialisations.
  • During their second and third years, students will be provided an in-depth understanding of administration and management practices, theories, and reporting.
  • By the final year, students would have a well rounded understanding of their area of interest by combining advanced Business Administration topics with elective courses of their choice.
  • We will assist students in preparing for the Certified Public Accounting Exam through our self study programs.

Course Curriculum

Our curriculum is crafted to provide a strong foundation in business principles, strategic thinking, and effective management techniques. You'll gain practical skills that can be applied to real-world scenarios, preparing you to tackle the challenges of the contemporary business world. Students can access a well-stocked e-library and various study materials to create an engaging learning experience. These tools and resources enhance the learning experience and contribute to the overall development of the students. Students can also communicate with professors via email and class forums.

Course Summary

Bachelor Of Science in Business Administration and Management

Study Level
Bsc. Business Administration and Management

Study Duration
4 years minimum


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Business administration and management 

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100 Level

     First Semester Units
     GST 101 – Use of English and Communication Skills 2
     BUA 101 – Introduction to Business I 2
     ECO 101 -Principles of Economics I 2
     MKT 111 – Elements of Marketing 2
     COS 101 – Introduction to Computers 2
     AMS 101 – Basic Mathematics 2
     BUA 103 – Organizational Behaviour 2
     GST 109 – Use of Library and ICT Skills 2
     Second Semester Units
    BUA 102 – Introduction to Business II 2
    GST 102 – Nigerian People and Culture 2
    ECO 102 -Principles of Economics II 2
    AMS 102 – Principles of Management 3
    ENT 102 – Business Ethics 3
   AMS 104 – Principles of Project Management 3

200 Level

     First Semester Units
     BUA 201 – Principles of Business Administration I 3
     BUA 203 – Business Statistics 3
     ENT 211 – Entrepreneurship and  Innovation 2
     GST 201 – Philosophy, Logic and Human Existence 2
     BUA 205 – Leadership and Corporate Governance 2
     ECO 201 – Microeconomics Theory I 2
     BBA 104 – Business Law I 2
     Second Semester Units
     BUA 202 – Principles of Business Administration II 3
     BUA 204 – Quantitative Analysis in Management 3
     BUA 218 – Green Management 2
     BUA 216 – Introduction to Financial Management 3
     ECO 202 – Microeconomics Theory II 2
     BBA 205 – Business Law II 2

300 Level

     First Semester Units
     BUA 311 – Production Management 3
     BUA 303 – Management Theory 3
     BUA 305 – Human Resources Management 3
     BUA 213 – Small Business Management 2
     BUA 234 – Supply Chain Management 2
     ACC 303 – Management Accounting 2
     Second Semester Units
     BUA 322 – Business Startup 2
     BUA 302 – Human Behaviour in Organizations 3
     ENT 312 – Venture Creation 2
     BUA 312 – E – Commerce 2
     BUA 306 – Financial Management 3
     BUA 314 – Innovation Management 2
     GST 312 – Peace and Conflict Resolution 2

400 Level

     First Semester Units
     BUA 401 – Business Policy and Strategy 3
     BUA 405 – International Business Management 3
     BUA 409 – Project Review and Report 6
     BUA 403 – Industrial Relations 3
     Second Semester Units
     BUA 412 – Analysis for Business Decisions 3
     BUA 410 – Management Information System 2
     BUA 429 – Corporate Planning Strategy 2
     ACC 422 – Business Research Methods 3
     BUA 402 – Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving  3
     BUA 420 – Internship 3
Admission Requirements

Entry requirements for BSc. in Business Administration and Management

Here’s what you need to study for a bachelor’s programme at West Midlands Open University

A copy of your O- or A-level result.

In no more than two sittings, the outcome must comprise a minimum of five credits in each of the following subjects:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Two further subjects connected to social science

Please note that submission of Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) results is NOT MANDATORY. at this stage. However, upon admission to the university, the provided results will be thoroughly verified for authenticity and compliance with the stated criteria.


Available Opportunities for Business Administration and Management Holders
A bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management opens you a wide range of fascinating employment prospects because the Business Administration and Management sector is always changing. Here are some career options for you to consider:
  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Management Consultant


Payment Plans

West Midlands Open University offers a flexible payment plan for its degree programmes.
You may choose to pay the year’s fee up front or in two installments.

Pay Upfront

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Pay in two installments.
An initial deposit of ₦150,000 and a second payment of ₦100,000.
No hidden charges. No additional costs.




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